To be honest, the only things that made me look forward to school today was lunch time, unnecessary washroom breaks with my friends... heh..heh..heh...

and the annual Halloween/Harvest party!!! :-) This year, I decided to join Best Buddies because I love meeting new people and my awesome friend, Saffie is in charge of it this year!!! :-)

It's simply an organization in which you get to make new friends with people who have intellectual disabilities. I signed up as a peer buddy, which means I would have my own buddy to hang out with outside of school! :-)

For the event, I was in charge of the food... and it's a hard task, guys!!!

The food just sits there and teases you!!! Hahaha

The food was less tempting since we were each other's distractions! Hehe :-)

We laughed, had heart to hearts and overall, it was just nice company!

After everyone finished their activities, it was time to serve the food!

I tried this flavoured water for the first time...

and wOoo, it wasn't bad!

After dinner, it was time for the last activity of the night - arts and crafts! Besides being a big fat sucker for Manchu Wok, I think Nibs is the bomb. It just tastes so weird and chewy... but I likeee. :-)

I decided not to make this edible spider because I knew I would be tempted to eat most of the Nibs...

so I decided to make my own mask!

I'm so happy I joined this club and this was actually one of the most successful events this club has ever held! You killed it Saf! :-) Thanks to everyone else who had also contributed!!!

I can't wait until the Christmas event! :-)