The things I'm currently obsessed with is my colour block blouse! I have an obsession with the colours nude, white and black in my closet, so when I found this top...

it was like the best of both worlds! :-) I was actually indecisive with this purchase last Summer, but who would have thought it would be my go-to top now!  :-) I'm also obsessed with the new seashells my sister brought back for me from Bahamas last week! I have a thing with clam shells, especially. :-)

With that being said, my sister brought me back 26 clam shells!!! The colour gradient on each shell is beautiful! I really like these but...

I love these big ones!!!

I think I will refer to the seashell above as ... Ashy. Yeah, that works!!!! It looks like it has some flakey white skin on its exterior! Hahaha This one below can be Fluffy. I think I will dedicate this pretty one to my fish who passed away last week. Is that creepy if I named it after my deceased fish... Wait! That's not creepy at all.

Let me show you what's creepy!!!!

Do you see what I see?

That. WHAT THE !@#$ IS THAT .....face.

I don't even know what's going on there! Out of all the seashells my sister brought back for me... this one below is my favourite! It's texture and colour really makes it stands out. :-)

Besides seashells, my sister also brought me back... Patrick!!! Hahaha


I'm also obssessed with the Marina and the Diamonds' album. My friends have been showing me her songs and now they're starting to grow on me!!! Everytime I hear Primadonna...

this is basically me.

I will add my favourite songs by her in my December playlist, so stay tune! :-)

I'm also obsessed with Christmas lights! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the holidays are so soon!!!

My obsession with glitter has led me to use it for my manicure this week! Glitter always adds such a nice touch! The glitter nail polish I used is basically from the arts and crafts section at Dollarama! A little dab of base coat and a sprinkle of glitter goes a long way!!! :-)

I'm currently in love with this Essie nail polish, Going Icognito. It's such an Autumny colour but at the same time, it's perfect for the changing season. :-)

 ...Pretty deep there, eh? Hahaha

Nutella cupcakes! I'm sure everyone is obsessed with Nutella and if you are, you will enjoy these! They're so chocolately, moist, mouth-watering, sweet and super quick to make! I actually felt bad for teasing my friends and giving them only one!!! Hahaha

The big one is obviously for... me! Heh.. Heh.. Heh :-) Here's the recipe! (Check out my recipes page for a list of successful things I baked!)

Did you guys know that Arizona also makes tea bags?! New obsession!!!

There are so many exciting things happening this month!!! Can you believe that I'm actually going to my school's semi next week? I've never been to my school's semi formal in all my years there... :-) After much convincing from my best friends, I've decided to break this virginity and go!

Wish me luck on being able to find an outfit tomorrow!!!