My main goal yesterday was to find an outfit for my semi formal... but that goal sort of changed once I entered Eaton Centre... :-)

Jen and I started wandering through stores and basically browsing at anything, from books to clothes, to even candles!!! Hahaha We got back on track here and there but you know.. it was more like shopping in general and catching up than trying to find a dress and heels for me... :-)

I did find a semi outfit though!!! What do you guys think? :-)

JUST KIDDING, that ain't my outfit. :-) Honestly, when we did get back on track to find me a dress, it was the hardest thing ever. After I tried on that dress, I felt like I was done for the day, like I was willing to wear a paper bag! Maybe I was trying to keep it classy, or maybe I just didn't know what was club material. Okay, I said it. My school hosts our semi at a club. It actually took me a while to absorb and I still find it peculiar... :-)


On a happy note, I finally found my outfit! I knew it was the outfit when Jen pretended to shed a tear once she saw me step out in it, "You're so grown up now, Cindy!!!" I'm actually so happy I had her out of all people to help me! Thank you my little fashionista!!! :* To celebrate, we met up with Joy for evening dim sum! :-)

Oh pffft, we didn't celebrate because of that. We were just hungry! Hehehe :-)

That was actualy the worst dimsum experience we ever had! Curse my camera for making the food actually look good in the photos! Hahaha The service was terrible, the food was stale, and there was a mosquito flying above our table. The lights even flickered! It was some freaky deaky shenanigan going on!!!

At first, when we walked in, we had to go up these flight of stairs. That was already freaky! Hahaha We only went there because it was the only place that accepted debit! (I can't believe that's all we even carry though.. Haha!) Anyways, it looked really fancy in there. They had set it up like it was for a wedding. I guess you could say we had high expectations because of that...

.... but it sucked. :-) The only good thing was the egg tarts.

Those weren't even that good either though! Wah!!! I don't even know what this place was called! It sounds so sketchy, now that I think of it! We had to end the night on a better note so we went to the Mad Italian for gelato! :-)

OoOh yeah! :-)
Gelato makes everything better!

It's time to show you what I got! I got the CĂ©line Cabas Phantom tote!!!

In my dreams!
!! This replica tote will satisfy me though. :-) I really think it's a love or hate bag but when Jen and I saw it, we were literally in love. As you can see, shopping only for my semi attire.. didn't exactly go that way. :-)

It's time to show you what is actually for my semi outfit or... just sneak peaks. :-)

I've been wanting these Mary Jane platforms from Topshop but they don't carry it anymore so when I saw these, I was complete. The little strap is so extra but ....I love it!!! Hahaha

It's time for some serious breaking in! I have a feeling I might just end the night in flats! Oh well! Hehe :-)

Here's my outfit ... or one fourth of it! :-)
(Stay tune!!!

Now it's time to save up money for Christmas presents for my favourite people! :-)


Well that's it!

I'm off to the orthodontist to take my braces off.