Maddy and I started this tradition where we would bake each other a little something every week! I was debating whether to bake her cookies or brownies until I discovered the magical BROOKIE recipe!!! Here's a quick step to step tutorial from yours truly on how to bake your very own brookie! :-)

 First off, you dump some flour into the bowl!

Add a bit of baking powder!

I make it sound so simple but that can of baking powder was actually being so difficult!!! Hahaha

Sprinkle some salt!

Mix, mix, mix! :-)

Mix some butter and brown sugar together in a separate bowl!

Ah... brown sugar. That is some heavenly stuff!!!

Crack some cute wittle eggs!

Okay, I have a confession. I'm not the best person at cracking eggs. I sometimes.. sort of.. get the shells in there too.. :-) So to be safe, I cracked it in a separate bowl first! Hahaha

Mix the first bowl of dry ingredients with the wet ingredients!

Now it's time for the good stuff!!!

!!!!! Chocolate !!!!!

My sister came home from boxing while I was mixing the ingredients together and I asked her if she wanted some brookies...

I think that's a yes? :-)

Once you finished mixing it altogether, it's time to pop it in the oven!

After a half an hour or so...

you can say hi to your decadent brookies!!!

Click here for the original recipe!

I found some of my cute cupcake holders to place them in! :-)

I'm so excited to share these with my friends!!! :-)

At least I know that they'll always appreciate my baking... unlike my grandma!

My grandma has no idea what chocolate chips are, so she was fascinated...

I asked her if she wanted to try! Her response was,

"No, they look like bugs!"