My best friend Jen came with me to get an x-ray today and then we head on over to Holy Chuck for burgers! I'm really not a burger person but this was honestly, the best burger I had so far!!!

It was droopy, greasy.. and I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAVING A FIRST DATE HERE! Hahaha You could really tell they take great care in perfecting their burgers and fries and it was good!!! It was also really packed in there! I definitely recommend this place though! :-)

Afterwards, Jen and I were like, "Yeah man... I'm totally done for the day! No mo food for me!" ... Psh. We went to get Cinnabon after... Heh.. Heh.. and ate more when we went back to my place... :-)

We spent the afternoon browsing at random shops!

This library actually has books where authors signed them! I'm not sure if they're actually selling it though but we thought that was pretty cool! :-)

Jen actually slept over after semi yesterday and we spent the whole day together! :-)

Okay, I'll finally stop digressing here!
Most of you are reading this blog post in hopes of knowing how my first semi experience went... at a club. If I had to sum up what the club was like for me.. it was basically what everyone warned me.

It was a place full of people who had their hormones at its climax!!!!

I invited my best friends, Jen and Joycelyn to come with me to my first "semi" experience and honestly, they made it a night to remember. :-) I want to give a special thank you to my sister for doing all of our make up!!!!!! :-)

My sister was trying to enhance our features and I have never seen my eyes that big before! Wowwie wow wow.

I honestly had no idea what to expect from last night! There was one question that everyone asked me as semi was approaching.. "Are you going to drink?"


I wasn't ashamed to tell people I never drank before! I'm serious. I was really surprised to see their reactions when I told them that, "Oh my god. You're so cute, Cindy. I'm going to get you wasted!!!!!" That was most of the responses I got. There were other responses that were like, "Cindy, do what you're comfortable with." :-)

There were people who wanted to be the first person I shared my first drink with but I've already decided that my sister would be the one. :-) In other words, I was completely sober yesterday! I don't want to sugar coat it and say it was the best night of my life, like the Frank Ocean concert ...because it wasn't.

I mean, I had lots of fun with my best friends and girl friends at school but .... it's really not for me!!! I also had questions of hooking up, "What's your goal for the night?" People actually had a goal??!?!

My closest thing to hooking up was.. this guy that wouldn't leave me alone. I thought it was kind of him to help me squeeze through the line for coat check and making conversations with me outside the club but he just got too freaky deaky on the dance floor. After not giving him any satisfaction, he finally left me the hell alone. In short, I'm not a hook up kinda girl! Hahaha

I really wanna thank Jen and Joycelyn for saying, "STAAAP!" and looking out for me when guys came a long!!! Will I go again.. probably not anytime soon!!! I'd rather eat some ice cream with Maddy!!!

I want to thank Susan and Ryan for being my transportation, my best friends for accompanying me and my school friends for making it a night to remember!!!!! :*

A nutella sandwich totally ended the night better! :-) On an even happier note, my brother Ryan will be visiting frequently this week and we'll be watching movies, playing Black Ops and baking!

Ok, more like I bake and he eats
but whatever! :-)