I don't know what got into me tonight... maybe it was boredom or maybe I'm feeling uninspired??? (I'm sure it was boredom.) I've decided to join Tumblr again after quitting last year! :-) I'm not sure how long I'll keep this site running but in the meantime, you could (should) follow me at cindyadores.tumblr.com.

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Speaking of quitting, I've decided to close down my Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Youtube, Gifboom, Stumbleupon, Blogskins, Grooveshark and Lookbook account because of my infrequent updates (or maybe I'm starting to find other hobbies instead of joining SO MANY social networks! Heh..heh..) Just giving you guys a heads up in case you find any imposters of me! (A girl can only wish she has, right?! Hahaha)

I've also changed my Twitter username to @cindyadores. I don't think I'll share my Facebook link because I'm only accepting friends and family requests.

I have a feeling I will be quitting all these social networks sometime in the future and the only thing I'll forever keep will be this personal blog. :-)