You wanna know what a shopaholic loves more than buying clothes ...buying clothes on Boxing Day!!! They also like blueberry waffles.

Well, I know I do! Hehehe :-)
I had some before my cousin, Nancy came over for our annual winter break sleepover!!!

Since Nancy and I didn't know what to get each other for Christmas, we decided to go shopping on Boxing Day and spend a certain amount on each other. Ok... we realized that what we spent on each other was actually what we would ultimately spend on ourselves???

In other words, it gave us permission to spend money on ourselves. Hah! :-) I'm so in love this pajama-inspired blouse I found. !@#$%^

Thanks for getting me this and these for Christmas, Nancy!!! :-)



After a wonderful day of shopping, we always end it with Marble Slab! Yeah... ice cream in this kind of weather. Like my sister said, "At least it won't melt!!!" :-)

Today consisted of sleeping in, watching movies, eating, napping ...and eating more! After dinner, we were like, "Yeah, I'm full. No more food. No more."

"Wanna go to Spin?"

Gosh, Spin never fails to disappoint me! (Oh! Nancy said, "Same here!!!")

Okay, we lied. We were disappointed when we saw our ice cream melting when they brought it to the table! Like gosh, we could've each gotten two extra bites of ice cream, y'know! Ya feel me!

In the end, we didn't even finish the frozen ice cream, so there was no point of complaining about the melting ice cream... :-) We did express our anger by giving them only 13% tip though. (Not 15%, shh.)

It was sweet of my parents to offer to pick us up but nah...

we would rather spend time with old creepy men on the bus. :-)

We just didn't want my parents to go out of their way. :-)

We're such angels, right??? Hahaha :-)

Werk it gurrl!

When we got back to my place, we decided to play around with some of my camera modes. :-)

It's always fun when my favourite cousin / best friend sleeps over! She's the type of person I could just think out loud in front of. She's sitting here while I typed that and I feel the need to delete what I just wrote but I think I'll give her that little bit of happiness... :-)

 "Girl, I love when you sweet talk 'bout me!!!" - Nancy

I wonder what adventures we'll be up to tomorrow! :-)