I don't eat the bananas my mom buys anymore ...and I don't let anyone else in the house eat it either. :-)

If anyone does, I insist that they have to leave (or I hide) at least four so I could bake my favourite banana cake!!! Now the same rules will apply for my instant oatmeal - four packets of one flavour must remain!

Besides studying for exam, I had to bake something to relieve some stress... :-) I decided to bake soft oatmeal cookies after reading SO MANY positive reviews on these! I had a good feeling these were going to be way better than the last recipe I tried!

I decided to change it up... instead of putting three cups of plain oatmeal... I decided to do one cup of peaches and cream

one cup of regular oatmeal with milk chocolate chips,

and one cup of maple and brown sugar oatmeal!

I made it the day my study buddy Lana came over and she claimed that she's a picky eater and an oatmeal lover... In short, I was nervous for her to be the first to try these. This girl is picky and must have tried many oatmeal cookies in her days to know what a good one tastes like... and by the sounds she made, eating a half a dozen and saving some for lunch the next day... I think she enjoyed these... :-)

 My sister, Susie and her boyfriend, Ryan also tried these and they approved! This must be a good recipe if my sister actually tried these and she also ate more the next day! So happy!!! :-) My friend, Saffie also rated these cookies and she gives it a 5/5 for taste... but 1/5 for the display of the cookies... only because I put it in a ziplock bag for her! Hahahaha

I can't tell you which one is the most popular flavour because out of these three, I had at least three votes for each flavour! I can tell you which one is my favourite though... the maple and brown sugar.

It's so sweet and chewy and moist and I think I'll just make three dozens of these next time! Some of you have asked me how I'm still so small if I seem to bake so often...

I try to eat healthy most of the week and I like to share and surprise my friends and family with my baked goodies! :-)

This recipe is definitely going to be a keeper! (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!) My only tip for baking these cookies is to not bake them for more than 8 minutes or you'll get some crunchy cookies... if you like that... then.. that's cool too!!!
Kim said...

Hey, I don't know how many followers you have, but if you have under 200 I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Come take a look on my blog to see what its about and take part. :)


Kim xx

Those cookies and salad look amazing by the way.

Cindy Adores said...

Will do!!! Thank you! :-)


Satin and Souffles said...

Everything looks so yummy! xx


Cindy Adores said...

Haha! Thank you :-)


Cindy Adores said...

Hehe, thank you! :-)