A lot of things has been happening lately and one of my friends said that it seemed like my life was falling apart... and in all honesty, I think this is the first time my life finally feels like it is... falling together!!!

There were so many things that has happened and I'm still unable to fathom! The first thing was that I got accepted into my first program choice last month!!! More details on that soon! :-) The next thing was that I received the honour to design party invitations for TTC and be their photographer - I seriously cannot wait!

Lastly.. after debating with my guidance counselors and my parents, I was finally able to drop that one course I dreaded a whole lot.. which literally means I have a double period spare every other morning!!! If it happens to fall on the same day I have a late start.. then oh my gosh - WHAT IS SCHOOL?!! :-)

With all that extra time, I'm actually considering of accepting that Aritzia offer... considering my whole outfit is actually from there today... or I think I should do some tutoring since nothing makes me smile more than children! :-)

Today was actually the day of my graduation photo! It's the one where we basically have to represent ourselves in the photo in some way. You could do that by wearing an outfit or holding an object that represents your hobby / talent / favourite subject.. I think you guys are catching my drift! :-)

Gosh.. times like these.. I wished I played a sport or something!!!

The outfit I had in mind for this was actually this one. Thing is, I recently went shopping and bought three pieces from Aritzia and this little sweater was by far the best purchase I made and I was eager to wear it! :-) It was the only one left... and just take a look at that AMAZING markdown! Plus, it's from Wilfred and the quality of their clothes has literally lasted me for years!

Those were basically the things I said to myself when I was swiping my card to justify and persuade myself that it was meant to be and I had to buy it! :-)

I somehow managed to find my grade 10 backpack in my closet and it just happened to fit well with my outfit for today too!

I also found this sweatshirt at Forever 21 and I saw in Jess' face that she was surprised I would make this purchase...but I just see so much potential in this!!! There are so many ways to dress this up and down and I think it's going to be a good staple.

Oh yeah!!! I also got nominated for something in the yearbook and

I'm just itching to tell you guys what it is!!!

Stylejourneys said...

Cute strappies!! I love those shoes... <33


Anonymous said...

cute post!!


Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! x

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! x

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love your style!
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