If you ever hung out with me, then you would know that I'm the WORST person...

when it comes to making a decison where to eat! I'm SO indecisive and ...wait a second... SO ARE MY FRIENDS! Hahaha This time I gave them options where they would like to go to celebrate my belated 18th birthday! I was willing to pay for their dinner at a fancy restaurant but...

they seriously surprised me and chose to spend it at my house instead!!! I was utterly flattered! :-) With that being said, I had to rush home after work yesterday to quickly buy food and decorate my bedroom!

Besides picking up decorations.. I stumbled upon these adorable glasses...  Heh..heh..heh.. :-)

Jen and Megan were the first to arrive and Megan urged me to open her birthday present! I wanted to wait but I couldn't resist!!! I was so giddy and nervous ...and so was she! Hahaha

The first present I opened were these super cute glitter nail polishes!!! You wanna know why she got me this...

it's not because I always test try them at Urban Outfitters... it's the fact that she finds me ~ ghetto ~ for using base coat and sprinkling glitter on my nails!!! Oh hell naw!! I thought I was being smart! Jen and her started to jokingly insult me and THANK GOD CAMILLE RAN THE DOORBELL...

and made them move on from the topic of how ghetto I am.. or as I like to say.. "SMART"... :-) The next present I opened from Megan was this monogram cup and all I thought was... are you kidding me?

I actually cannot believe she got me this! I'm not even lying about the fact that I was eyeing this and having a hard time deciding whether to buy this or my owl cup! She's good... SO GOOD. Here comes her last present and really now... IS THIS NECESSARY MEGAN?


I don't even feel like I deserve all these amazing presents, so thank you Megan. Thank you so, so much!!! (P.S. Jen already gave me my birthday present three weeks ago!)

Joycelyn was the last to get here and I'm not even mad at all. I AM LITERALLY GRATEFUL because she saved me! I picked up cupcakes in the afternoon for my birthday cake and while I was walking home, my cupcakes just decided to bounce in the box and knock each other over! I died a little... or MAYBE A LOT. I was contemplating of buying another cake

...but everything fell into place when Joycelyn entered the door!

I didn't even tell her to buy me the cupcakes!!! God, she's amazing.

They're ALL amazing actually! I had to postpone my birthday party from last week but they still made time to celebrate and make it a memorable birthday for me...

even if they had to cancel plans with their other friends... :-)

take a one hour commute to get here, or go to great distances just to pick up a present for me!!! Thiya wasn't able to make it but don't worry gurl..

you were not forgotten on this night!!!

Trust me, you didn't miss much... well other than the fact that Megan and I almost kissed..


We all caught up on each others' lives,

laughed a whole lot,

promised we'll be each other's bridesmaids,

and ate my crooked cupcakes!

WOW! My camera actually does some justice for them!!! Hahaha

We totally burned them off quick when we boogied... :-)



We settled down and I finished opening the last of my prezzies!

Cammy didn't have time to pick me up a gift but I was TOTALLY SATISFIED WITH THE FANCY CHOCOLATE SHE GOT FOR ME! They're so sweet but I COULD. NOT. STOP.

I wonder when I'll ever have this decadent chocolate again!!! THANKS CAMMY!

It was time to open Joycelyn's present and she got me something that I didn't even remember telling her that I needed it! I've been trying to invest in this, so thank you Joycelyn!!!

Here comes the next present that I was definitely investing in also...

I DIED. I died especially at the fact that I texted her this yesterday...

and she told me she was actually in the middle of purchasing it when I asked her! Like what the hell, she just knows when to show up with stuff when I need them the most! Thank you so much Joycelyn, you da best, you you da best!!!

After opening the gifts, Cammy had to eventually leave so they quickly sang me happy birthday and we had to take a group photo for my very first Polaroid! :-)

I was also able to take my first Polaroid selfie for my collage! I'm planning to take a photo of myself every year on my birthday until I hit 70 years old! :-) This will be a life time project but it would be so worth it to see how much I grow up! I'm planning to do this for my hubbie and kids too! :-)


Thank you so much Jen, Camille, Megan and Joycelyn for spending my 18th birthday with me and always making it THE BEST and so memorable!!!

OH yeah!!! Joycelyn got me one more gift...

OHhh mmmmmYYYY ---

Julia said...

aww happy belated birthday!! and omg your so lucky you get to see marina!! i saw her in december at the kool haus and she is fab!! i wanted to see her and charli xcx (her opening performer) on may 23 but i have my graduation that day :( have fun!

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! I'm so excited!!! :-) x