I'm so grateful that one of my best friend
is also my blood related cousin!!
Nancy and I have weekly phone chats where
we just rant, ramble and basically laugh with each other!
The last phone call we had..
she told me to tell her a story...
and I think you guys might enjoy this story too.. :-)

Last week, after Riri unlocked the car doors for Susie and I to get in... 
we realized the light inside the car was lit...
indicating that one of the doors weren't tightly shut yet.
I opened and shut mine.. thinking it was my door. Nope!

My sister tried hers... nope!
Ryan tried his.. nope!
I tried mine again and... so did Susie... and Ryan.
The light was still on.....
I decided to try the fourth door,
even though I knew it wasn't possible
if no one had entered from that door!

 I did it...

 and once I slammed the door... the light shut off in the car.
The screaming died down to a nervous laughter..
How is that even possible??!!
Ryan tried to justify it by saying that
he must have not shut the door tightly during the day...
but um..

the light was off when we were standing on the
outside of his car waiting for him to unlock it for us to go in...

(Oh yeah! I finally invested in a good quality dress shirt!!! :-))

De Luna said...

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Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!! :-)
Of course I will! x

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Cindy Adores said...

Thank you!! I checked out your website and I'm already in love with the pieces you released! Please keep me updated! x

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you so much!!! :-) x