During the Winter Break, I remember there was this one flirtatious guy who approached me in the mall and started asking a whole lotta information. Nancy was totally creeped out for me and I was totally creeped out for me too!!! Hahaha

 The first question I remembered him asking me was if I was a mix of Caucasian. I thought it was a silly question because my dad and sister are usually the ones who gets mistaken for being another race! I mean, I had people assumed I was before because of my abnormally large eyes (I still have no idea who I inherited those from.) but to answer him, I'm just a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese. :-)

Yesterday was my heritage special holiday, Chinese New Year!!! :-) I love this holiday and it's not because of the money... well yeah... it is.. and the fact that I love when the family gets together! :-) Before I forget, I want to wish those who celebrated it, a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Since I brought up the topic of my culture, I think this is the perfect time to share with you guys what I've been waiting to share since last week!!!

Last week, my friend Thiya gave me my birthday present! Since she works at a book store, she told me she had to buy these because it reminded her of me and hopefully they could cheer me up when I'm feeling a little down. So thoughtful and sweet!

Here comes the next present that I could not.. handle. The first words I said when I saw it was...

"Nooo... Thiya... noooo!!!"

She thought I didn't like it but I LOVE IT. I've been wanting this Polaroid camera ever since I saw Joycelyn had one. It was always in the back of my mind to get one and I was planning to invest in one sooner or later. Thing is, I never really told anyone I wanted it. I got it for my friend Alexandria's birthday last year and I secretly wanted to keep it for myself... :-)

People that were sitting on the bench with us while I opened it could even see and hear my excitement when I saw it! I know how much it costs and I just couldn't believe she would get it for me! She couldn't find film for me...

so she filled the inside with paper cranes and stars!! I gave her these in grade six and I find it so adorable how she still has them all this time!

Oh yeah! I used to have this obsession with origami... even though the only thing I was good at folding were paper hearts... :-)

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing birthday present Thiya! This may seem weird but I thought about the items I would grab with me if my house was ever set on fire... one of the items would be my charm bracelet

and this camera. :-)