Oh golly! :-) It's funny how I started this blog four years ago when I first entered my teenage years and who knew....

I would be continuing it into my adult years! I really hope you continue to watch me grow up and find joy in this blog as much as I do! :-) Besides the fact that it was my birthday yesterday, it was also the day of my graduation photo!

I booked it on the same day so I would only have to get fancy once! :-) Plus, I really don't like to use my foundation.. I mean it does a great trick of covering up my stubbly face (Stubbly... poor choice of word! Hahaha) but it's such a pain to take off and it makes my face look... let me just quote my brother here, "You look buttery, Cindy." Hahahah... (I'm actually crying at the fact that I suck at blending.)

I really want to say THANK YOU to Jessie and Saffie for taking their time to decorate my locker! I REALLY didn't expect it so I appreciate it A LOT! I can't believe this is the last time I will ever have it decorated so thanks for making it memorable guys! I also want to thank everyone who took their time to wished me a happy birthday!!! :-*

Although I had a graduation photo to take, a math quiz to complete (My teacher considered it as a present...) and a work shift... my sister Susie and Ryan ended my birthday well by taking me out to dinner at any restaurant I like! I chose Fickle Me Love...

because of their beautiful decor! All the walls and ceiling are covered in hearts and apparently the colour of the light changes every few hours. We only stayed to see the atmosphere a purple hue but it was still so pretty regardless!

If you have never been there, they serve Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai food! It's weird.. my sister ordered one of their appetizers and you would think they would give her a bowl of rice on the side y'know..

but they don't! Luckily, I unknowingly ordered their signature pineapple fried rice so I was able to share with her. :-)

It's a very pretty and chillaxin' place and the owners played some good music but their food wasn't that great... To be honest, I wouldn't recommend it. :-)

The decor is pretty but the food and service doesn't measure up! I did read the reviews online and they had a fair amount of rotten tomatoes but I wanted to give it a chance and.. yeah... I won't be coming back.. :-) If I had a choice, I would say Green Mango is better!!

Psh, we didn't let this bring down my birthday though! We went to buy me a birthday cake afterwards to end the night on a memorable note! :-)

This year, Ryan and Susie gave me such cute presents! Well for Ryan... I was literally facetiming with him when he picked up my present for me! Hahaha

The nail polish colours I had wanted on my wishlist weren't on the shelves so I chose Essie's Plumberry and Fiji since they looked pretty through the iPhone and they're even more pretty in real life! I'm actually going to restock these because I love it that much. :-)

Here comes my sister's present.. my sister does not get me things on my wishlist. She pretty much has her own wishlist for me! Thing is, her gifts are really sentimental

and I end up using it more than I think I would! You see what I mean?!? Hahaha

Besides that, she pulled out the actual present she got for me. I was hyperventilating and I couldn't handle it so I went to the washroom... well I actually had to go. While I was in there, I was randomly thinking of a Twitter bio for myself... I realized I'm not that great.. like I'm actually an owner of a dead cactus and a dead fish!!

Once I calmed down a bit (Uh huh... :-)) to open the present... you won't believe what my sister got me!!!


Now I can carry Fluffy on a chain with me wherever I go!!! :-) Thanks so much Susie and Ryan for spending my birthday with me!


I cannot wait to spend it with my girlies next week because of the tragic snowstorm.. or I like to think of it as a very nice present from mother nature! Hehehe :-)  My sister and I blew out a singing candle together since IT'S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! YUP!

My sister never said this but I like to think that I was the best birthday present she ever received... Heh.. Heh.. heh :-)

"Cindy, I was in grade one. I wanted to die."
Kevser Carrousel said...

I love absolutely everything about this post!!

Cindy Adores said...

Haha! Thank you :-) x