There is one thing I seem to get called out on a lot...

and that is I don't show my face on my blog enough! I don't even have a clickable Facebook profile which seems to irritate some of my friends too!

I remember one friend who told me that she was trying to show my face to someone and they had to scroll endlessly until they found a photo of me! With that being said, this is actually my first blog post... where it's just photos of only me... and it's weird only seeing my face here. So weird!!!

The only reason I don't show my face much is because I'm usually the one behind the camera and I like it like that!!! Plus, I usually don't know what pose to do... so most of the time, I would resort to looking down when my friends grab the camera to take photos of me! I finally know how they feel when I place them on the spot! Hahaha

To end on a happy note, a patient literally just walked in five minutes ago...

and handed me a cup of coffee and a sprinkled donut from Timmies!!! This day is already going so well and I know it's just going to get so much better today! Stay tune! :-)