While I was baking these red velvet cheesecake brownies with Megan...

she told me that we deserved to go shopping after we bake these because it was National Women's Day the day before and us ladies had the right to treat ourselves!!! Hahahaha Ha .. Hah!

I totally thought that was just a poor excuse to not feel guilty for shopping! I told her I would join her in hopes of finding a present for Camille's upcoming birthday! :-)

I walked into Aritzia and you know... there are the usual racks I always run to first. They recently included this new section, Wilfred Free and I don't know.. I always overlooked it because none of the things in that brand ever really caught my eye...

until my eyes skimmed that section and this sheen jacket did!!! Luckily there was still one more left in my size! :-) I added it to my pile to try on and I honestly didn't think I would end up buying it since I had pulled some other items I had noticed first.

I tried on this dress first and I wasn't really feeling it... until I paired it with the varsity jacket and then I was just... feeling THE WHOLE OUTFIT. What the hell!!! Hahaha

I changed out of that outfit and started trying on the rest of the items I had pulled and the whole time.. I couldn't stop thinking about the jacket! Every other outfit I tried on, Megan had to listen to me express my profound love for it...

and to finally shut myself up, I bought it and I'm literally opening my closet every now and then to tilt my head and smile. I just realized how pathetic I sounded!!!! Hahaha!

Besides investing in this jacket,

I finally invested in a pair of my own pretty earrings! Hopefully I can keep these for a while to be able to pass down to to my daughter... or son... hopefully without giving them any ear infections.... :-)

Now it's time to invest in a prom dress!!!

I'm on my way to get ready for even more fun tonight!!!!!
Have a happy Sunday everyone! :-)
Fiveftwo said...

OMGGG that red velvet cheese cake look so delicious!!!! And awesome photography, looks like it could came from a magazine :P *Craving for velvet cake*

Ps: I have my 1st giveaway on my blog, hope you'll drop by :D.

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Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! x

Alvano Richie said...

Not to mention jacket look eye candy:) on my wish list.


Cindy Adores said...

Thanks for dropping by! :-)