It probably wasn't a good idea to stay out late last night when I had a work shift this morning...

but oh man... it was SO worth it!!!

Last month, my sister found coupons for Riri, her and I to the CHOCOLATE TALES' WORKSHOP!!! As the date started to approach.. my sister's work schedule changed and conflicted with the workshop date. Since she couldn't go and Riri couldn't go without his babe... they sold their tickets to me!

With that being said... I had two extra tickets... :-)

so I chose my best friends, Thiya and Joy to join me!!! They were so excited.. I WAS SO EXCITED! :-)

The workshop took place at St. Lawrence Market's Kitchen and we were eager beavers... so we were the first ones there.. which also meant we had the first choice of choosing where we wanted to sit! :-) The seating position was, Thiya, me and Joycelyn. Joycelyn and Thiya actually traded seats because Thiya didn't want to sit beside a stranger...

and yup.. she was pretty clever because Joycelyn had to deal with this dude who kept making side comments to her during the workshop...Thiya and I were just dying of laughter... (Such good friends we are!!) Hahaha!!

We got to taste different flavours of chocolate and who would have thought ginger and dark chocolate would taste so good when they're combined!! We were actually the youngest ones there and maybe that was why the instructor ignored our quiet chatter during the workshop... :-)

Speaking of chatter... Joy, Thiya and I.. maybe zoned out during her instructions... which sorta screwed us over when we had to make our chocolates!!!

Our conversations during the workshop mostly consisted of us asking each other, "What do we do?!?!"

"I don't know, just watch that person over there!!"

Good thing we had Joycelyn's "new friend" to help us out... :-)

Besides being excited about making our own chocolate truffles... we were EVEN MORE EXCITED to eat the leftover decorations and ganache!!!

Well.. I KNOW I WAS! Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

While our babies took their time to freeze in the fridge, they gave us more samples to try

before it was time to pull our creations out to pack them up! Since my sister had to miss the event, I gave her my box of chocolates... and I thought she would also share with Riri... BUT NOPE! Hahahah

Okay, come to think of it... I don't even know what has gotten into me for deciding to give her my whole box of chocolates -

maybe that seemed like a wise decision.... after Thiya, Joy and I overdosed on two big plates of sushi at Aji Sai last night?! We all claimed that we were so stuffed and on the verge of puking...

and the next thing you know...
Joy and I are eating some of our chocolates on the bus ride home... :-)
Victoria said...

OMG this looks amazing! I have to find something like this around me. How sweet of you to give your box to your sister :)

I absolutely adore your blog!

Happy Monday, Cindy!

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Victoria!! :-) x

airene said...

It must be fun going to a chocolate tales´ workshop! Looks delicious!


MILEX said...

I think you are amazing

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks for the follow, Airene! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

AW! Thank you hehe :-)

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