I'm so happy that the weather is getting warmer and I can finally pull out these babies to wear!!! Since May is approaching... which is also known as "hell month" at my school, I have been pretty consumed with tests and assignments! With that being said, I haven't had time to snap photos with my favourite camera this week so I had actually been resorting to my iPhone! This photo was taken after I GOT ANOTHER RAISE AT WORK on Saturday!!!! EEEP! This means that I'm one step closer to purchasing a plane ticket to somewhere beautiful! :-) This photo was also taken after I met a stranger on the bus who randomly chose to sit beside me when there were so many other available seats behind me! She started talking to me when I had my earphones in... so I pulled them out to hear what she was asking me. The question she had for me was whether or not I liked her weave???? I had no idea it was weave! When I told her that, she laughed so loud on the bus that everyone turned around and stared at us! We spent the whole bus ride talking and it was just nice having a companion! :-) This is the third time I have made friends with an elderly on the bus! I'm really starting to wonder whether or not they're confusing me as another elderly??! After I got home from work, my grandma stuck her head between my bedroom door and usually when she does that... she always adds in her little random sly comments...

"Cindy, your eyes are so big... 
boys are even scared when they see them!"
and then she shuts my door.
Beckerman Girls said...

Just LOVING those leopard shoes!! TOTALLY HOTTTT!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


welovefur said...

I really like these shoes