I'm sorta, kind of, maybe... sad.

The weather is getting warmer and the buds are starting to appear on my mom's trees... and I can also enjoy my bowl of fruit salad on our backyard swing again... so I should be happy right??! :-) Thing is, I can't help but think that June is slowly approaching and I never... thought I would say this... but...

I'm going to miss high school.

I'm really going to miss sharing sushi boats with my girls after school on the park bench and baking goodies for them... especially because I can see how much they appreciate my efforts!!!

I still remember my first year of high school, I spoke to a senior who told me that these four years will go by very fast... and I was literally wishing it would!!! Joycelyn and I would rant to each other how out of place we felt and how we just didn't connect with anyone at our schools ...and I was basically on the verge of transferring schools. My mom urged me to give it one more chance the second year before transferring to my home school to be with my middle school friends....

and I'm really glad I did!!!

My second year turned out so much better! Maybe it was because my schedule was really great or the fact that I followed my cousin's advice. She told me that one of her biggest regrets was getting to know more people in her grade during her last year there... when she had the chance of getting to know them before they were about to graduate!

Who would have thought that I would still be close with the first friends I made on my first day (Maddy and Jeremy) or the fact that I ACTUALLY got really close with the people who seemed like they hated my presence (Lana and Alexandria) during my first year there?! Lastly,

who would have thought I would meet them?

I met Jessie in grade ten history class and we instantly became close after we revealed our crushes to each other and we basically knew we could trust each other after that! We also bonded over the fact that we both did not enjoy our first year!!!! Hahaha

Although we had a few ups and downs like any friendships, she made my high school years. She's the sweetest girl ever and it just makes me sad that she doesn't realize how beautiful inside and out she is! (Jerebear... you better treat her right!!!!!!)

As for Saffie... OH SAFFIE!!! I became super close with her last year... even though we went to the same middle school but we BARELY spoke one word to each other!! We started bonding over boys too... Heh heh heh... :-)

People find Saffie a bit intimidating and I think that's the SILLIEST THING EVER. She's honestly one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met and one more thing...

I cannot forget the time she ate my cookies while I was in math class... and she was running up and down the hallways screaming and groaning!!! HAHAHA. Cutest thing ever!

"Ha, you're not cool Jess."

I'm going to cut this sappy sad stuff now because you know what...

there's literally only one more month left and I'm going to make the best of it by spending as much time as I can with all of them


Silvi said...

you guys really seem to have a great and fun friendship! Keep the ones who do you good close to your heart! I did and I am more than happy I did! Love looking at school time with my besties! :) You have beautiful pictures! So fun to look at! xx Silvi