I'm not sure if you guys realized this but Lana is always the one coming over to my house!!! She told me that she finds her house boring, so she rarely invites people over... and even if they do... she never lets them into her bedroom! The only reasonable explanation I can think of as to why she doesn't want anyone in it is because....

she's hiding something SCANDALOUS! Her reason is that her bedroom is her "sanctuary." MmmMmhmmm ok... :-)

I accepted that she didn't want to have anyone over her place but y'know... whenever she asks me where we want to hang out, I would try to invite myself over to her place all the time ...even if I know what the answer will be... :-)

Lana asked me to hang out yesterday after school and she even flopped on a boy for me!! I offered to go to her place to paint our nails and have some girl time... and you won't believe it... SHE AGREED ON THAT PLAN.

Except... I can't go in her bedroom. Bleh!

She's so obsessed with me. She even has my initials on her cups!!! Hahaha

We both needed to go to the washroom and I didn't hear her when she told me to use the washroom downstairs... so I ended up following her upstairs! I realized at that point, we were so close to her bedroom!!!

"Oh Lana!!! Show me your bedroom!"
"No Cindy!"
Next thing you know... this girl is giving me a tour!!!

She showed me the things she hoards...

to her memorable keepsakes! While I was editing the photo below, I tried zooming in to read what she writes about in her little notebook and I actually spotted my name somewhere between the lines!!!

Yup... she's obsessed with me!!!

There were many things that caught my eye in her bedroom, from her floral wallpaper to her bubble gum machine (AHHHHH. That's on my wishlist now.)

to her amazing bulletin board! She tried to tidy up her room a bit while I was there and

I was gonna give her a hand... but it looked like she already had one.


Her house was so cozy and cute! I don't understand why she has been hiding this from me!!! :-)

After she organized her thingamabobs, we went to play with her new pup, Nelly! SO CUTE and fiesty!

Like her.

Minus the cute, of course. :-)

After some time passed,  we went back in and she asked me what I wanted to do! It was actually really weird having someone else hosting me!! Hahaha

She asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and I told her to pick one from her GIGANTIC COLLECTION... her dad said they're over 2000 right now!!! Oh my gosh.

She asked me if I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love before and... nope!

She quickly put it on and it was nice just chillin'

and watching sexy nude scenes of Ryan Gosling... ;-)