All I was looking forward to today was after school... :-)

and art class helped pass the time quickly because we got to continue decorating the fun Ukrainian Easter eggs that my friend Alexa taught the class how to do this week!

When she first showed us examples on how to make them,  I was like, "Pretty, pretty. I can do this. Pretty simple." Now I think back and I realized I'M SO FUNNY because it's not. It's really not!!

You need very steady hands and it also helps if you had an idea beforehand of what you're planning to draw! In my case, I did not have steady hands or an idea sooooo... :-)

The method to design these eggs is to get one of the sharp scrapers (I'm sure there's a more technical term but I don't remember it. Hahaha) and you would scrape some beeswax with it and then hover it over your candle until it melts.

Afterwards, with the melted wax, you would quickly design your egg before the wax dries out. You actually have to repeat those procedures every 30 - 45 seconds because the wax runs and dries out quick!

After you design your egg, you would dump it in one of the following colours and basically the spots that was waxed would stay white during the dying process. After you dye it, you had the options of either continuing to design more and re-dying it (If you chose to do this step, the places that you wax will remain as the first solid colour when you dye it in another colour again!)

or you could just burn off the wax if you're happy with your results! I was never happy with mine so I didn't get to this step! (Sniff, sniff.)

When you're done, you would hand your egg to our instructor,

and she will hollow your eggs out while trying her best not to squirt at people!! Hahaha

After second period, the day went by quick! Ok... not actually... but my friends helped me get through the day! :-)

 I was so excited for after school because I was going to see my best friend, Thiya! She apologized for running a little late and I did not mind at all! Like why would I mind...

when she actually went out of her way and surprised me with one of my favourite pastries EVER,

My tummy was SO happy!!!

After I indulged, we were deciding what and where to eat for dinner and then I asked her, "Want to eat pizza?" and she was totally down for it but little did she know that I was planning to make it from scratch... which includes making our own dough! :-)

She was so surprised that it was so simple to make and SO WAS IT, so was I!! Hahaha (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!)

I would be lying if I said I didn't drop Thiya's pizza on the ground... but I did... AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO THE PIZZA! I screamed and then I immediately stopped when I realized nothing has happened to the pizza and it was still perfectly sitting in the tray when it fell on the ground!! :-)

We were both impressed with the outcome of our pizzas and it totally exceeded our expectations for our first time! I definitely recommend this easy recipe!!! :-)

Besides almost burning my feet, I almost burned off my hair when I was hovering over my candle yesterday to pour us drinks! I was actually so lucky yesterday with my reckless behaviour!!! (Ignore that frame in the background!! It was for a project and I just never had time to take it down! Hehe)

The night ended perfectly with our usuals! Good food... good music, good chats and good company. :-)

Before I end this blog post, I WANT TO THANK MY BLOG READERS! I've never met Izzy before since we don't go to the same school but Maddy handed me a package this morning and told me that she and her friend baked me these delicious chocolate chip brownies! So sweet, thank you!!! :-)

The only way I can think of thanking them is by baking my favourite Oreo Truffles! :-)
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Mancina said...

really like your blog. lovely pics! <3

Bisous Natasha said...

Beautiful eggs ! Looks tricky to paint such small details but they came out well ;)


ahoymichelle said...

Oh my goodness, although it looks like a tedious job, it results look absolutely stunning. It is beautiful and how kind of your friend to get your favorite pastry!


Cindy Adores said...

Thank you so much!!
I will definitely drop by! x

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you so much, Mancina! :-) x

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Hahahah yes!
Thanks for dropping by, Natasha! :-) x

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Thanks for visiting, Michelle!! :-)

Hena Tayeb said...

those eggs are gorgeous.

alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Macrons are my happy place, too!

Stilettos Diary said...

pizzaaaa and the eggs are awesome, love the work u did..


Huda said...

WOW! this post just took me to such a happy place...Thank you i guess for making me feel like that i guess. hehe lol
Awesome blog alll together though

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much, Hena!! :-)

Cindy Adores said...

Yes!!! They never cease to make me happy! x

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Thanks so much, Megha! x

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Thanks so much, May! x