I should be crowned the worst person to text!!!
I mean... more often than not... I take ages to reply!

I would let my inbox build up to like 20 messages before I actually start replying and sometimes... I just read them and respond hours later! Heh.. heh.. heh... There are times I would respond right away but then I would randomly place my phone down and just leave the person hanging! I do feel bad, I really do... and the only justification I have for being so tardy... is I'M LAZY. :-)

I just don't enjoy having full on conversations through text messages.... or on Facebook either! I prefer having conversations in real life over anything!!! I actually think that once my phone plan expires, I'm going on prepaid cards of 50 text messages!! Hahaha

With that being said, my best friends and I rarely ever text each other... we basically use it to tell each other to call or to make plans to meet up

and that's what Jen and I did to meet up on Saturday after I finished work! I didn't carry my Canon so all these high quality photos are from my iPhone!!! :-)

She recently got her dolla dolla pay cheque and she wanted me to accompany her while she shop! :-) There wasn't anything specific I wanted to buy last Saturday... (Ok. I lied!!! I was so close to buying these if they had my size!) While my best friend looked around for stuff, I window shopped... painted my stubby nails and tried on accessories while I waited for her to pay! Afterwards, we grabbed a quick sushi bite for lunch

and ended the day perfectly with MARBLE SLAB!!! I definitely recommend the green tea yogurt! (Only if you like green tea!!! Hahaha)

ahoymichelle said...

I feel the same way about texting. In fact, the only reason why I have unlimited texting is because I'm on a family plan with my brother (who texts as if he's writing novels).


airene said...

Same here, I prefer talking to a person eye to eye, rather than texting or chatting on facebook.

x, Airene http://ninimote.blogspot.com/