I really enjoy taking photos of my friends and family but thing is... I really don't like it when they take photos of me!!! Funny how that works! :-)

With that being said, I have found so many selfies on my camera that I have been waiting to share!!! Instead of me just showing you guys a bunch of my favourite selfies, I think I should also share one of my favourite memories I have with each of my good ol' pals!

This chick is Lana, y'all probably already know that!! Hahaha

She's probably the only person who has ever seen me at my lowest at school... to the point I was running out of the classroom because I was in tears. She ran after me to the washroom and I literally died with the first thing she said....


"I was so confused! I thought you were just starting to have an allergic reaction...."

This is my closest friend in school, Jessi!!! Honestly, I think she's the only reason I didn't transfer schools after my first year there. We actually became super close after confiding in each other who we had a crush on in grade 10 - I love how boys brought us together!!! Hahahaha

Even though we both moved on from them, I'm so happy we're still tight as eva!!! We have so many memories together but the first one that popped in my head would be the most recent one at lunch... when she insisted on trading half of her sweet tangerine for a slice of my tangy orange! Hahahaha

Gosh, I think I finally know what I'm going to miss most about her next year....

her and her daily salami sandwiches!!!!! Wah!

This is Thiya and gosh, she always brings a smile to my face everytime I open my door! So cheesy, but I'm serious! Thiya thinks I'm a nice person but beneath it all, she thinks I'm capable of being mean... only because of what I did to her in middle school.... This is not exactly my fondest memory... it's more like Thiya's but she has brought it up so often that it has actually become mine now!

We both played on the same basketball team in middle school and one day, while we were playing a game... Thiya kept calling my name to pass her the ball. She recalled that I got fed up with her calling so I threw the ball and it smacked her in the face! What makes it even worst is that I didn't even apologize... all I said was...


Oh god... to this day, I still cannot forgive myself for that. I also find it ironic how Thiya always says to me, "Your kindness will eventually kill me, Cindy!"

Last but not least, this is my childhood best friend, Jen and we go WAY back!

We have way, WAY too many memories together! I cannot pinpoint exactly one memory and Jen is probably gonna hate me for posting this...

 but check out this throwback video I made of us FOUR YEARS AGO! It's also the first video I ever uploaded on my Vimeo account! Time sure flies!

Now I'm off to devour a box of mangoes!!!!!
ahoymichelle said...

What gorgeous selfies and you are so lucky! I have been wanting mangoes recently.


Unknown said...

Omg. I would kill you, but I'm literally too busy laughing! Lol
Get ready for your payback :-*