This was probably one of the most challenging assignments I have ever done for this media course! For this assignment, our class worked with the writer craft's class. Our task was to choose one of their scripts and film it with our group and my group might have hated me a bit because...

I decided to go solo for the very first time for a filming assignment!

My media teacher warned me that there would be a lot of roles for me to take on, such as being the director, editor, producer, cinematographer and... yup, I know!! :-) I chose my friend Kalene's script called, "Summer Love." The script she wrote with her group was based on three close girl friends who are catching up on their summer in front of the school entrance. It was a good script and I really liked the concept but I decided to change it up... a bit. :-) After filming 271 scenes, 75 angles and spending 6 hours doing voice overs...  HERE GOES NOTHING!

I want to give a very, VERY special THANK YOU to my friends who were so willing to be my actors, being so patient with me when I was vague with my camera directions, following all the visions I had, spending a total of 12 hours to help me and lastly, making me laugh until my belly hurt!!! Even if I don't get a good mark out of all this work, I'm just happy I got closer to them and that THEY NOW CONSIDER ME AS ONE OF THEIR BROS! I also want to thank my best friends, Joycelyn and Jessica for assisting me!!!

The most challenging part of this assignment was probably convincing my grandma and dad that I wasn't doing anything fishy with three guys in my bedroom for six hours trying to sync their voices perfectly!!!


  1. LOL the ending ! so good so good lol

  2. Oh goodness I absolutely love the angles of the shots (and fantastic choice of music by the way). Overall I enjoyed the video and the ending was hilarious!


  3. Like it!

    Christina Klein

  4. Great video Cindy!!