I like to walk into my sister's bedroom, find a place on her bed and casually lie there asking her...  ♪ wWhHaaATtCHA DoOOiiINg? ♫

She usually just tells me to get out, ask me why the hell I'm here or simply professes her love to me!!! (HAHAHAH, no.) Until one day, she gave me this answer, "You know what Cindy! I actually needed to ask you a favour." OoOoh... baby wants ma help!!! Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

 The favour she asked me was to help her with a co-worker's retirement and 40th year anniversary party!!! (40 YEARS OF SERVING THIS COMPANY! Unbelievable!)

She was in charge of hosting this Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) event and she asked me to create an invitation for B's (I will refer to this special lady as [B] for privacy reasons.) party and I was like, "Sure!!! That's easy!" Little did I know that this invitation would also be viewed by employees who had made a name for themselves at the TTC...

I was also assigned the role of BEING THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE EVENT! Ah! The honour!!!

We arrived there two hours before the event to decorate the board room and I even got to meet my sister's homies and her cute cubicle! She told me that her boss stuck this photo of sassy Angelica Pickles because he sees her resemblance in this character!

I died.

The event started with our MC commemorating all his fondest memories with and of B,

followed by handing out plaques and pins to celebrate her success and to thank her for her dedication over the years! She was so humble and handled everything with grace as she accepted it... unlike me who would probably be blushing and grinning SUPER big until my eyes and eyebrows touch!!!

More gifts followed, from vases, to Keep Calm and Retire On cups,

to roses, to caricature drawings,

and a gigantic card filled with messages from her colleagues! (I gotta thank my friend Nikki who works at Hallmark and gave me a discount on this card!!!)

The last present she received was this adorable Tiffany bracelet to add to her other one from all her friends! So precious!!

Afterwards, the MC shifted the attention to me and I quickly ran to start the visual presentation that I was also assigned to prepare! I compiled all of the things that has happened when Bfirst started working at TTC into this three minute presentation!


When the presentation ended, Roger the MC recognized all those that helped and... I think I pissed myself when my name was the last one he called out!

I really did not expect any recognition for helping!!!

Roger closed the floor afterwards and everyone was directed to enjoy the food and enjoy their time!

I wonder who stuck B in the strawberry shortcake!!! Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)

The morning continued with lots of socializing,

sparkly Uggs,

family Polaroids,

and lots...




There was also a lot of love and laughter! :-)

Many people have asked me how my sister is paying me and I don't think she has to since she gave me this opportunity! :-)

I'm also REALLY happy I got to personally congratulate and hug Band to have the chance to be there at the end of her career! When she said, "Thank you for so much for everything, Cindy!!"

I don't know if I was ecstatic that she was personally thanking me or the fact that she knew my name!! Ah! (The latter one, no doubt!)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this one man who came up to me right after Roger recognized all those who helped.  He told me how he enjoyed the presentation and my next step should be making films! My sister came up to me after and asked me, "Do you know who you were just speaking to that complimented you...

the CEO of our company."

Unknown said...

HAHA nice gif at the end. you're so cute! lol <3 congrats hun

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks girly! Hehe :-)

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Christina! :-) x