I think I have been an awful friend lately.

Last week, I texted Lana telling her I was going to bake her brownies for the next day since I flopped on our study session... but yeeeah... I didn't have time to bake for her the next day....


I told her I would bake for her the next day again... and then the next day I got siiiiick! It was actually the first time in my life that I was disgusted at the sight of food!!! I felt nauseous for three days... and yeah.. I did not bake for her at all last week! I finally made it up to her by baking something...

and they weren't brownies! I decided to bake her something more decadent... :-)

Ever since I made her Oreo Truffles, she has literally been comparing everything I had baked to them!
"It's good but not as good as the Oreo Truffles."

She swore it was the best thing she has ever ate and from then on, I've been on the hunt for another recipe to top that!!! I finally stumbled upon Bakerella's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles last night and these are so ADDICTIVE!!!

I ate so much cookie dough before I placed it in the fridge and DO NOT BE LIKE ME!! It tastes even better when it's chilled!

What makes this recipe so great is that it doesn't call for any eggs, so the raw cookie dough is safe to eat! (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.)

I probably ate five of these + a handful of chocolate chips before school... Heh.. heh.. heh. :-)

I'm so happy that the weather is warming up and I can finally pull out my bicycle! I honestly prefer riding my bike than walking (Ok... obviously Cinday...)! Hahahah

Oh yeah, I wanna thank whoever left me a can of Dr. Pepper in my basket today!! :-)

When I got to school, I gave Lana a box of truffles and I almost caught a drool slippin... Just kidding!! :-)


I was actually so scared for Lana to try these that I apologized in advance for her death!!! As soon as Lana tried them at home.. she texted me this...

and I don't know if Joycelyn noticed, but I was literally smiling at my phone like a doofus. :-)

Oh my gosh. It just hit me now...
airene said...

Well, if you´re planning on something, it doesn´t goes the way you planned. And you´re not an awful friend, after some days, you still manage to bake something for her, like those delicious Oreo truffles! yummm! And in the end, you both are still friends, and even got an invitation to her wedding.

Stella said...

This looks absolutely yummy!
Seems like you are a pro!
Stella from a A Shiny Place