Wow! I'm finally home after my "after prom celebration" at the cottage with my friends and it was so great. Prom was so great!!! With that said, here's my most anticipated blog post of the year - MY SENIOR PROM!

I still remember when I first started high school, I was already thinking about prom! (Don't judge me. Hahaha) After four years of waiting for this day, it felt so unreal. I'm not going to lie, it felt like this whole experience on Thursday was all a dream because everything went by so fast!

I had to wake up at 7 in the morning for my dad to style my hair before he had to leave for work. I know it was so early to do my hair and surprisingly, it stayed together without any hairspray!!! I went for my make-up appointment at Sephora at noon and I had the best make-up artist ever.

Before I had the chance to see her, all the employees there were raving how I was so lucky to have Tanya as my make up artist ...and I'm so lucky I did. She was so kind, so pretty and listened to all my suggestions! I really hope she does my make-up again for future events! (She even gave me hairspray for my curls after!! Hehe)   

I went back home to get ready before meeting everyone at Jessica's house to exchange corsages and boutonnieres! I actually arrived there exactly at the same time as Michael and David!

I still remember when Michael saw me walk out of the car and just awkwardly stared at me before saying, "Wow... you look amazing."

I died. Best reaction ever! Hahahaha

The first couple to exchange was David and Alessia! These pictures absolutely makes my heart melt!!!

Then it was Jeremy and Jessie!

Michael and I were the last to exchange...

and I had no idea how to work this boutonniere thing!!! Hahahah

We took a few more photos together before going to the pre-party! Here are my favourite photos I gathered from several cameras! Hehe :-)

We slowly made our way to Kyla's house for some more photos before attending prom! Kyla is actually the niece of our mayor, Rob Ford! Pretty cool!

Her backyard was beautiful! We stayed for a bit before heading to The Eglinton Grande Theatre for our prom! Everyone looked amazing, I couldn't handle it!!!

I still cannot believe that my prom took place here. I mean, I literally walk by this place once a week because I work 5 minutes down the street!!! With that said, Michael walked with me to go say hi to my boss and co-workers! Hahaha :-)

The evening started with drinks, delicious food,

photobooth photos and lots of dancing. LOTS.


That's probably why I didn't take as many photos as I liked to because I was trying to soak up everything that was happening!


I didn't mind really since I looked a bit too sweaty for photos! Hahaha

Here are some photos I did find in my camera from that night though!!! 

A few photos with some of my blog readers,

my closest friends,

and a bunch of weirdos!

The last group photo we took together before the limo dropped us off at Jeremy's place

to change out of our dresses and heels for the after parties!


We went to Bianca's for a bit before spending the whole night at Michael's!

 We partied until 5 in the morning and oh gosh, 
it was a memorable night!!!

Before I end this, I want to give a very, VERY big thank you to my older sister, Susie and my childhood friend, Megan for being there to help me out with getting ready, to help me take almost all my prom photos and most importantly,

for just reminding me to enjoy every minute of this experience.

I also want to give a BIG shout out to my close friend and school's vice president Alexandria for all the hard work she has put into organizing our school's prom this year! You were one of the big reasons why prom was everything we had all hoped it to be! Love you!
ahoymichelle said...

You looked absolutely stunning for your prom! I wish I had actually tried to enjoy my three years of prom, but due to personal issues, I had to attend prom stag and frustrated. I am happy that yours was the complete opposite!