Ever since Jeremy told our gang that he had a waffle maker a few weeks ago...

we have all been nagging him to throw a waffles party!!! Hahaha

After we went to check out our exam marks at school yesterday, Jerebear finally invited us over to his place for the most anticipated waffles party! He was honestly such an amazing host! He made all the pretty waffles for us,

offered us endless amount of toppings,

catered to all of our needs,

(That dark chocolate milk did not taste dark at all! It actually tasted like fudge! So bomb!)


and basically made sure our bellies were happy! Haha :-)

We ate this delicious brunch,

sung to songs on this Songza playlist,

went through all the cottage photos we took together this past weekend,

and sang along to Young and Beautiful that Jessie played on the piano

and When I Was Your Man that David played!

I thought the songs were beautiful... but the acoustic version on the piano makes you appreciate the songs so much more! Ugh, so good.

I want to thank Jerebear again for throwing the super fun waffle party!!! You rock! x


I had to leave early because I received an urgent text message from my best friend. The LYLAS promised each other that when we need each other, we will drop everything we're doing to be there for each other.

We caught up on each other's lives in a little cafĂ© before heading back to her place to eat her sister's specialty lasagna and watched The O.C. I enjoyed every minute we hung out together, whether it was exploring Koreatown together or just laughing around on her couch! Love ya.

I can't wait to share the photos and tell you guys about my cottage weekend I had spent with my friends!!! Stay tune ma homeskillet biscuits!
ahoymichelle said...

Oh man, you make me wish I had more time to be making waffles, haha! My mom collects makers (waffle, icecream, pancake, literally anything that has -maker at the end of it).