Wow! I haven't had any time to blog this week since I have been so consumed -

with finishing up some final summatives, studying for my last calculus test of the year, helping my friend model for her photography assignment, choosing courses for my timetable next year and planning out prom tables/limos/after parties! I can't believe prom is so soon!!! Eeek!

Besides all the serious stuff, I visited flea markets, drove around in my sister's new car, bought the pair of sandals I have been eyeing at Zara (Now I want these too!!!),

finished a whole bag of pistachios in one night and indulged in some late night frozen yogurt with a friend this week!

This busy week ended great with a very eventful day yesterday! :-)

We had "fun lunch" at school yesterday and it happens only once a year at the end of May where our school would extend our lunch for an extra hour! During those two hours, they would hold fun activities and have a barbecue for the students! I always look forward to the cotton candy machine!!! Hehe :-)

Since I attended every fun lunch every year, I already knew what was going to happen... so Maddy and I decided to do our own thing during that free time yesterday! Heh.. heh.. heh :-) 

She invited me to her place and I didn't mind giving up cotton candy this year because I already knew I would have more fun at her house than I ever would during fun lunch at school... and I did!!!


We ate her homemade potato wedges, tanned in her backyard, blew big bubbles, jammed to music from Songza, learned how baby carrots are produced, jumped on the trampoline and laughed so hard!!! We both skipped the afternoon since it was the last day before moratorium and teachers couldn't really teach us anything new! Hehe :-)

Maddy is actually one of the greatest people I met in high school and one of the people I really want to keep in touch with after I graduate! I also swear that she did not make me write this!!! HAHAHA


Thanks for a super fun afternoon and you're a really great host, Maddy! (We still have so many more adventures to go on this summa!!!) We only got to spend four hours together before I had to head back to school because...

my friend Saffie asked me to photograph the Best Buddies' event, like I did for their Halloween event! How could I say no to helping a friend ....and if I was also going to get free food?!? :-)

I arrived just in time for their ice breaker activities! We played "Darling, If You Love Me," which is basically a flirting game where you have to try to make the other person smile... and we had a tough crowd!! Hahaha

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the event!

When I was photographing for a while, I realized my friends David and Saffie were missing in action during all these activities!

Once the hamburgers started rolling in, it hit me that they were the ones who were creating all the food! I followed the trail of people who were going to get the food and found them all sweating and flipping! Aw!!

They also created all the S'mores and brought Popsicles for all of us!!! Thanks to them for making this event so successful

 and not only them, thanks to all those who brought in food, and spending time with the buddies for this last club event!!!

 It was a memorable evening with lots of smiles, delicious food and great company!!!

Once the rain started rolling in, everyone had to run inside ...and it was also time to watch the short animation! I couldn't stay to watch because I had another movie time to meet...

for the Great Gatsby in 3D!!! Jessie picked me up in her whip and we managed to make it 10 minutes before airtime! I never read the book before so I didn't have high expectations for the movie! All I gotta say is that, the movie was so good!!!

I wasn't particularly a fan of how they edited some scenes but the cinematography was on point!!! Oh my god, their soundtrack was definitely one of the best! They even threw in some Jay-Z, Beyonce, The XX and Lana Del Rey! I definitely recommend it and so does Jessie! It has even made it on Jessie's list of favourite movies and she said she would so get it on DVD! So cute! Hahaha!

The night ended with some late milkshakes and pizza! Woo!!! I've completed all my assignments and tests for the year and all I have left now is my one exam to study for and my documentary! YAY!!! x
joleisa said...

lovely dog! And I really like the feeling of your photos))

Olga said...

Such a lovely post!! :) Loved it!