When I first entered high school, I already assumed that I wouldn't be able to find friends like my middle school friends...

you know, just friends that I would be able to click with... and I was so wrong for assuming that.

I actually met a handful of people who made my high school experience!!! People say that high school is either the best or worst 4 years of your life and I can't believe I'm going to say this... but high school was mostly the best. :-)

During my four years at Richview, I met friends who...

would randomly come in my class and scream my name and then walk out...

friends who knew when something was bothering me,

friends who I could sit on their front door steps with and can talk for hours,

friends that I'll be going to prom with,

friends that believe in me when I don't believe in myself,

friends that I know I can always call when I'm in need,

friends with the funniest stories/jokes,

friends that appreciate me more than I'll ever know,

friends who can always make me smile,

friends who understands my weird humor,

and friends who see more potential in me than I do myself!!!

If I was to look back on my high school years, these were the 10 people that I spent most of my happy days with and I just want to say... thank you Jessica, Safia, Cody, Maddy, Lana, Kalene, Sarah, Jeremy, David and Michael. Thank you for making me so happy these last four years. For making me look forward to school. For helping me survive these years. For being my friend.

With that said... I'm assuming that I won't be able to find any friends like them in University now!!!!! Hahaha

Oh yeah! Before I forget, I can finally reveal what I got nominated for!!!


Most likely to...

become a professional blogger! Eeek!! Whoever nominated me, thank you! So sweet!


Today was my last late start in high school and it was also "Grad Social!" It's basically a senior get-together in the cafeteria where we get to socialize, vote for the valedictorian/prom king/queen and receive our yearbooks/mugs/sweaters/prom tickets! I cannot believe high school is coming to an end in two days! No more lockers, no more singing O'Canada... no more late starts... no more parent-teacher interviews... no more Muskoka Woods... no more summatives (Thank the lawd!) and no more calls home when you're late! Wow. The only thing left to look forward to now is...


I finished getting all my prom accessories this week, booked my make-up artist, found a hairstylist (Hi dad.), got a handsome prom date and ...I cannot wait!!!!! Now it's time for me to bake cakes for my class parties tomorrow! :-) Speaking of baking, I baked two dozen of these lime and coconut sugar cookies (drizzled in glaze) last night. I'm literally torn between wanting to eat more and wanting to fit in my prom dress!!!

CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE! (I also added a teaspoon of cornstarch to make them soft! To make the glaze, I squeezed a bit of lime in half a cup of powdered sugar. Keep adding more juice until you like the consistency of the glaze!)

Unknown said...

you better take lots of photos of prom and when I say that I mean you better be in them too ! lol

Cindy Adores said...

Hahaha! I will try, just for you babe!

ahoymichelle said...

Oh my goodness, you are very lucky to have the friends you got to meet in high school. I had the most difficult time going through high school (I went to a private school) and couldn't seem to find where I fit. Unfortunately, I didn't experience real friendships until I got to college. Thanks for sharing your story on your high school life!