I still can't grasp the fact that it was the last day of high school for me yesterday, honestly!!!

I realized that as I'm getting older, time is going by quicker. A patient at work even told me that when you hit 50 years old, that's when life really speeds up! Eeek! I guess it still hasn't hit me yet because I still have an exam to write and prom to look forward to! Hehe :-)

Speaking of the last day, Megan came over today for my post last day celebration!!! Woo! We spent the afternoon getting lost because well... I'm not technically street smart... Heh.. heh.. heh!!! She was an unhappy camper because she was supa hungry... and I made us turn down the wrong street and we had to ride an extra block... "Cindy, I'm gonna kill you. Grr." I think she loves me!!! :-)

When we finally arrived at the park, we were lucky that there were two available swings with no bird poop on it! We sat on them and busted out our chicken caesar salad... and...

We're just so healthy... *sigh... :-)

We were onto our last chocolate bar to split and when Megan opened it... one piece fell and girl was devastated!!! Hahahaha


"HA-HA, loooosah."
"Ok. None foh you! Hmph."

But y'know... she loves me!

Our evening ended with my grandma shoving crackers down her throat, making fun of each other, taking goofy webcam photos, the usual life chats and overall... it was a lovely day spent with my favourite! x

Now I'm off to watch a movie under my blankie while devouring my favourite fruit!!!

If you know me, you would know that I'm a complete fruit-a-holic. If cutting fruits could help me make a living, I would probably do it!!! I love all sorts of fruits but rambutan is my number one faaaavourite!!!! It's actually so expensive though... so my mom only buys it for me like four times a year. I was so happy when I saw it in the fridge today and like..

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!! love it!!

ahoymichelle said...

Oh gosh, if I could have lychee forever I could, but I totally can't. My body lets me have only a few before a nose bleed starts to happen (too much sugar - my body can't take it).