I have to get ready for prom soon but this morning, I visited Fruttare's fan page and I'm literally dying to share this exciting news with you guys!!!

Someone called me last Friday morning and I declined their call.. and then they called back again so I decided to pick up and the first thing they asked me was, "Is this Cindy?" From that point on, I assumed that they knew who I was! The next thing you know, they told me that I have been selected as... ONE OF THE TOP 10 FINALISTS TO BECOME THE NEXT BLOGGER FOR FRUTTARE. I couldn't believe that I was chosen!!!!!! Are you kidding me?????? Let me rewind here!

My cousins came over this weekend, and my mom bought these Fruttare popsicles (not gonna lie, she only bought them 'cause they were on sale! Hahahah) Anyways, she bought mango and strawberry flavours and I remember when I busted them out for my cousins to eat, we were all struggling to pronounce the brand... still don't know how...

ANYWAYS, the next week... I was on Facebook on my phone and y'know, they randomly like to show me random ads. For some reason, I was totally intrigued when I saw a Fruttare ad.. given that I ate their popsicle last weekend. Coincidence! The ad was advertising their "Next Blogger Contest."

I clicked for more details and let me just give you the main jist, they're looking for the next blogger to run their blog. To apply, you had to write a 150-200 words paragraph explaining how you see the bright side of life, it was their way to see who represented what their company's motto was, "It's All Good." Afterwards, you had to get "shout outs" (a.k.a votes) from your friends on Facebook. This went towards the marking scheme they had. They marked you on how well you expressed their attitude, how memorable it was and the number of shout outs you got.


I decided to enter the contest after my sister's boyfriend and my three friends encouraged me to... 'cause y'know... you'll never know if you never try right?! :-) The main pushing factor in deciding to enter was the fact that I could earn some cash to use towards my school tuition!!! 

"Discovering this contest which shared the same outlook as my own personal blog is absolutely …amazing. The main reasons I started blogging four years ago was to be able to share my photography, write about the fun adventures I go on with my besties, share the amazing sights I see and record all the little things (sunny weather, macarons, new sandals, good music) that makes me smile! My blog is simply my own personal keepsake of all the things that has made me happy and helped me realized that all these little things will be the big things once I look back. I do not write about the experiences that have upset me because I do not want to dwell on it and more so, relive those feelings.

I want to remember the laughs I shared with my favourite people, that infinite feeling I get when I am at a concert and how blissful that cinnamon roll tasted and have hope that tomorrow will be another good day! 

Like Marilyn Monroe had once said, “keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.”

I wrote my paragraph and Cody helped me revised it (Thanks Coco!). I signed up two days before the end of the contest and yeah... with that said... I did not try to get shout outs. I only asked five people and the rest just voluntarily voted for me!! On the last day of the contest... I only had eight shout outs. So embarrassing. I mean, I could've tried to advertise on my blog but at the same time, I didn't want to be bothersome... and not gonna lie, I was sorta lazy. Hehe :-) I looked at the other contestants and there were over 10 people with more than 50 votes so I automatically assumed they'll get selected!

(All photos with text belongs to Fruttare's fan page.)

I was in for a big surprise!!!! I'm still shocked. This opportunity is once in a lifetime! My task to win the grand prize is to cover a music festivals in Canada and simply blog about my experience!!! SO AMAZING. EEEK! It's basically everything I enjoy doing - visiting concerts, blogging, photography and popsicles!!! Elimination will be based on how well I photograph and write about my experience, the number of likes I get for my photography and how well I captivate their company's motto.  (I'll give you guys more details soon!) 

I'm still speechless. Oh gosh. This is going to be an unforgettable Summer and experience. I want to thank Ryan, Cody, Jessica and Megan for encouraging me to sign up!!! Most of all, I want to thank Fruttare for giving me this chance. 

To see who I'll be competing against, click here!
ahoymichelle said...

Oh my gosh, Cindy! Congratulations! I'll definitely be voting for you throughout the competition!