Although I said Monday was my last day of school,

I think yesterday was more like my last day because I still had to hand in my last art assignment!!!! Ugh! I have been working on this stupid rock assignment since March and well.. yeah.. I haven't really been "working" on it...

it was more like me jamming to The XX and Frank Ocean with Tati... while attempting to chip away at my soapstone! We were basically allowed to make anything we like with the rock that we have chosen!

I wanted to make something pretty yet, functional... and after much thought,

I've decided to make a jewellery holder to hold my rings! I decided to get fancy and make it in the shape of a heart with a scallop border! While I was working on it...

my teacher, sister's boyfriend and classmates have kept mistaken it as an ash tray! Kill me!! Hahaha

I have been loafting on finishing this rock for months and yesterday was the absolute last day to hand it in for marks! I went in early and saw Virginia and Tatiana there too and guess what, 

they're both actually going to the same University as me next year!! We talked about the courses we were going to take and how excited we are for prom! So many things to look forward to together!!!

That's my crazy and sweet art teacher that I had every year! Going to miss her so much.

The last thing I had to do for my "jewellery holder" was sand it! Now I finally understood why it was called "soapstone" because when you sand it in water... it actually gets foamy!!!


My hand got tired for sanding for straight two hours so I took a break and walked around the classroom. I found all the little things I made in art throughout my four years taking this class that my teacher has kept! Wow! Time flies.

I finished sanding and waxing after five hours and it was really worth it...

because my teacher gave me 100% on it, which means my mark will remain the highest in my art class!! I was actually so surprised at the colour of my rock... I had no idea it was a deep colour green?!!!! So in love!!!

I'm really going to miss taking art in this school... this class taught me to have hope! Literally. For every project I did, whenever I get to the middle stage of making it... I always felt like giving up because it wouldn't look like what I had envisioned... but I always kept going because I needed the mark and in the end...

who knew that I would be satisfied with most of the things I made! Out of my four years of taking art, this is the only project I did not want to give away!!!

I met up with Jessie afterwards and this girl wouldn't stop feeding me junk!!! Hahaha

We pretty much laid on her lawn chairs and reminisce all the good times we had together in high school! We couldn't believe how fast senior years has flew by! It really, really did.

After dinner, David pulled up in her driveway and drove us to get...

TIMMIES!!! Yeah.. that gotta-get-fit-for-prom diet ain't working so well!!! Hahaha

Jessie and I ate donuts and fooled around with my camera while David and Jonathan got fit... by playing basketball!

Her little brother played with us too... or...

it was more like us harassing him!!! Hahaha

Well that's it! My next blog post will be about
Many of you have asked me if I will be bringing my camera to prom and of course!!!!!

Before I end this, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments they had texted/tweeted at me for my documentary, I really appreciated it. x

ahoymichelle said...

First off, I am totally behind on commenting on your blog (work got to the best of me and I'm travelling in two days) so I need to back track and watch your film! Secondly, you are absolutely talented. If I had the guts to go against my parents' will (which I sort of it by ditching med school for fashion design), I would've gone into fine arts. I love how articulate you were with the lines and I have to admit - it does look like an ash tray, haha.

I hope you have fun at your prom and congratulations on getting into the same university as your friends! That's really exciting!

Cindy Adores said...

Ah Michelle!! I was wondering where you have been! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and constantly supporting me in everything I do! I hope you have a safe flight and don't forget to blog about it! I'll be checking in!! x