People told me that senior year would be the best year and it was. It honestly was. It was because most of my days were spent with them this year!!!!!

I spent my last day today by finishing my last high school exam and then me and the gang sat on the patio outside of a coffee shop to wait until it was time to premier my film in the afternoon!

After the film was shown, we went to the mall in David's whip, strolled around, grabbed ice cream and my day basically ended with me goofing out at Wal-Mart with my siblings! Hehe :-)


I had a whole entourage there to watch me present and for the first time ever, I was so nervous. It was the most nervous I have ever been. I felt so bad because someone presented before me and I left for most of their presentation because I couldn't handle it. There was so much hype and I think my biggest fret was letting my media teacher down. Don't get me wrong, his high expectations for me is what motivates me to improve and well.. yeah at the same time... it made me felt like I was on the verge of barfing. I was chilling in the washroom stall for a good 10 minutes listening to Saffie comfort me on the phone that it will go well!

Ok, I'll stop stalling and just get to the part you guys are all anticipating for... my media film. I didn't want to show this and as of right now, I'm still on the fence. I realized I had shown my trailer and there was so much hype and commentary from it... and I know I just can't back down now. I actually don't think you guys are ready to see me in all my glory... I filmed myself in the worst possible lighting, close-ups and angles... and I legit only wore make up for one scene... it's actually really raw... so I'm really sorry!!!! 

Before you begin the film, I just want to say that I have changed the title of my film while I was editing... you may want to turn up the volume fairly loud or have your headphones in because for some scenes, it might be hard to pick up some words, don't have high expectations for this and... lastly... please don't treat me differently after. With that said, I hope you enjoy it!!!

Here's the trailer, in case you missed it...

and here's the film. 

Christina Solovjova said...

Congraaaats <3

Christina Klein

ahoymichelle said...

That was a really moving film! I can relate to you on different levels. My relationship with my parents, for an example, was never a good one. My family, alone, is very dysfunctional. I grew up wondering if I would ever see my older sister again (got disowned, had to live in a foster family, had to beg to be taken back in by my parents) and I was too young to understand it all. My dad was an abusive father and he was too into money to understand emotions. My mom is constantly suffering from depression and she forgets that she lives in reality (watches too many dramas that it affects her emotionally). My younger brother is reckless and does things on his own using my parents' money.

But throughout my life I thought about all of the reasons why I should've been put up for adoption because I couldn't understand my parents. They aren't the best parents out there, but there are times when they do try to be. Though I have never actually tell them that I love them (they are really not into affection), they know I do.

I lost my grandpa when I was younger (he was the one who watched me grow up) and now I have three grandparents left. I took for granted how patient my grandfather was and how well he raised me while my parents were off working. Now that it's too late for me to spend time with him, I try to apply everything he has taught me back to my parents.

They are only around for so long and despite how frustrating it is to understand them, they are still family. At the end of the day, they will always love you inside and out.

I definitely loved your film and if I was grading it, I'd give you an A+!

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! :-) x

Cindy Adores said...

Wow. You are so strong, that's all I have to say Michelle. Keep your heads up because I see a bright future ahead for you. Thank you for taking your time and I just want you to know I'm here if you need someone to listen or just a friend. Feel free to email me at cindy-nguyen@hotmail.ca. x