Have you ever thought about the first things you would grab if your house was caught on fire?

Those are one of the random thoughts I get when I'm laying in bed late at night and I remember the first things that automatically came into my mind was my camera and my charm bracelet!

I still remember that mini heart attack I got when I thought my bracelet fell off my wrist!! My life.

Not literally, but it's one of the things I treasure a lot from my sister. As for my camera... you guys won't believe what happened on Friday night... I plumped down on my bed and I forgot that my lens was also laying on my bed... and it bounced off my bed once I sat (Wow, so fat) and it broke in half!!!

I didn't overreact really... since I got a three year warranty on it! I asked Riri if he could drive me to Future Shop the following day to get a replacement but he took them out of my hands and before I knew it...

 it was fixed in the next hour!!!

My cousin Linda brought her cute little boys, Ethan and Eli (and Eli's lawnmower) over today and it was my first time using the lens again since it fell apart!

We spent the afternoon visiting two parks, trying Mainsha for the first time (Megan, I finally tried it... after how many years??! Hahaha) and did a mini photoshoot, y'know...the usual!

My specialty is taking candid photos... or fine... you can say I'm good at taking creeper photos! Hahahaha

As of right now, my lens seems to be functioning the same since the drop and I tried shooting in manual mode for the first time today!!!

 It gives me so much more control over the shutter speed, aperture and lighting!

Ok maybe that's why it's called manual. Hah!!

Irela said...

I'm so glad you had warranty on your lens!! Oh my if one of my lenses broke I don't know what I would do :/

Emmett Katherine said...

that's great your lens are covered, I would cry if that happened to me because it's not under warranty any more. maybe i should have gotten the 3 year one too!