I have been trying to squeeze in lots of fun this week only because...


 I'll be starting to work full time next Monday!!! I didn't think I would be spending my whole summer working everyday for the next two months but..


I'm actually content with spending my days at the office! Plus, I really need all these shifts to help my parents out with my school tuition next year! This coming August will mark my 3 years of working there and with that said, my coworkers have basically become my second family! Hehe :-)


I spent these past few days catching up with Thiya, making a surprise visit to see Megan,

playing Just Dance 4 with my group of friends, going for a little shopping therapy,

cruising around late at night with Kalene, eating lots (LOTS!) of ice cream,

 watching movies, going for late night McDonalds, bumping into old friends (Do you guys remember my friend Clemence from this video?),


being very active on Snapchat, blasting music in Maddy's car while driving around and gawking at Ferraris in our neighbourhood...


only to drive back to Maddy's house and realizing her uncle owned one! Yikes. Baller!

Cody also invited me out to dinner at Milestones this week and it's always nice hanging out with my grade 7 buddy! We attempted to make some Japanese mochi ice cream at his house and let's just say..


they turned out too.. pretty for you guys to see! Heh.. heh.. heh.. :-)


Until next time! x
f said...

Where will you study?


Cindy Adores said...

I'll be studying in Toronto! :-)