Since school ended, Lana and I have been trying to make plans to see each other...

but something always unexpectedly popped up! It's either me being up at the cottage or she is... or she is somewhere in the west... or I have work... or we just have other plans! With that said,

I was finally able to meet up with her after work last night to treat her to Demetres for (part of) her belated birthday gift! We laughed and talked so loud for hours in there... that other tables were watching us... :-)

The server kept walking by to see when we were done eating too!! We took our time (Ok, I lied. I didn't. Lana did though... she ended up sipping on soupy ice cream! Hahaha) just so we could tell each other about everything!

When we were finally done, neither one of us wanted to leave each other... so we sat at Timmy's for a bit before closing time!

The night eventually ended with us sitting on a bench...

sharing a drink and just catching up on boys, songs, school and everything we could...

before the mother called me home close to midnight because she didn't want me to wake up tired for work early the next morning!

The photo below is my favourite photo of her.

It just makes me so happy every time. :-)
livlovelaugh said...

such cute photos!!