It was SO WORTH IT going to work super tired the next morning....

because I had so much fun @ C.N.E yesterday with ma faves!!! Joy managed to snag us all a great deal for the passes which gave us the opportunity to go on endless rides all day!

What made it even more fun was that my sister and her boyfriend came after work and hung out with us for the afternoon too!!!

Let me just sum up what my day basically consisted of! I tried a corn dog + shawarma for the first time,

went gaga over all the endless food options at the vendors (I'm so upset I didn't get a chance to see my friend, Ben @ Tiny Toms Donuts!!!),

my sister bought me these super cute palm tree slushies (and I may have possibly went back for refills without paying! Bahaha!!),

finally found a new phone case to replace my polka dot one,

bumped into some super fabulous dude on Big Brother (show that I don't watch),

got super squished because Thiya made me sit between her and Emmett on the Polar Express,

and the night couldn't have ended better than getting the perfect view of the Toronto skyline, soft served ice cream and coming home to a surprise gift on my bed...

SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!


  1. Funny pics <3

    Christina Klein

  2. Replies
    1. Oh wow. I didn't expect that one of the bloggers I follow would know anyone that I know. Small world!

    2. Small world for real! (Thanks for following me love!) xxx