Meg, Joy and Thiya came over last Saturday and we stuffed our bellies with homemade garlic shrimp pizza before bustin' out an intense game of Taboo! I was paired up with Joy and let's just say, I did not step up my A game at all in the beginning - which was literally pissing them all off! HAHAHA

Like gosh guys, relaxxxx. I kept reminding them it was just a game!! If you hadn't played before, it's simply a game where you have to describe the word on the card to your partner! You're also timed by the opposing team to see how many cards you can go through, while being watched to make sure you don't use the words below the given word in your descriptions!

Yeah... I did not exactly give clear descriptions or really thought too hard about the possibilities, which may have made Joy wishing she wasn't my partner! When I finally had enough of their whining and the fact that they were beating us by 10 points, I started taking the game more seriously. Thiya quickly said, "Oh no guys! Don't jinx Cindy!!! She has super powers."

Megan and Thiya had to leave afterwards, so my sister and her boo thang filled their spots! The game got so intense but y'know - JOY AND I WERE STILL UNBEATABLE BABY!


I still can't forget when it was Megan and Thiya's turn and Megan had a difficult time trying to describe the word "shopaholic" to her, so Joy helped out and asked Thiya, "What is Cindy and Megan?"


k KkKk Kkk!!!
Fragile Bird said...

Your pictures are amazing, and I really want your pizza, do you have a recipe for it? Because I'm drooling just thinking of it :) haha

Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

Fragile Bird



Cindy Adores said...

Since I didn't have yeast on hand, I found this simple recipe that most had seem to enjoy! The toppings we used were butter, garlic, mozarella/cheddar cheese and peeled shrimps! :)

Thanks for stopping by! x

Carolyn said...

love that game! haha

ADARAS said...

Nice pictures :D

Cindy Adores said...

So much fun!!!

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks! x