Over these last few days, I have been so unsatisfied with my photography on my blog and at the same time, I've never received so many kind comments for it. It's funny how that works right?! I think the more serious I'm getting into photography now, the more I am comparing myself to the other photography blogs I follow. It's good that they're inspiring me and making me strive to be better but I realized that comparison is honestly the thief of joy. I should just cut myself some slack because I'm still learning, experimenting and ...we all have our own photography style right?! What I'm really getting at is... do not compare yourself to other people. Not in photography, but in general.

I'm also trying to get at the fact that I'm foreva grateful for you guys to take the time to check out my blog and watch me learn how to use my camera! Speaking of photography, I finally caved in today and registered on Instagram, so if you enjoy my photography on my blog, 

for exclusive sneak peeks, blog updates and kaboodles of fun! xxx