I bought my Macbook Pro three weeks ago and I have only touched it three times since... 

my mom told me to start using it when school comes around! I decided to bust it out when Megan came over on Wednesday night to take some selfies and to keep it short, my laptop only turned on when the charger was plugged in! After an hour or so, it just stopped working altogether! I took it into Apple the next day and they couldn't solve the issue, so they just apologized

and exchanged me for a brand new one! Sweet!!! At work that day, my right eye twitched and whenever that happens, I swear it foretells something unfortunate will happen to me that day.

Once I got home last night and tried turning on my desktop computer, it just wouldn't start up!!! Are. You. Kidding. Me!!! Not only that, my internet was also down in my neighbourhood yesterday! I love how everything just stopped working yesterday ...and I felt like a pioneer! Hahaha

On the bright side, my internet is back up and my brother specializes in computer and is helping me reformat it tomorrow! So happy, so happy happy happy! I'm also happy that I'm able to use my Macbook to finally share these pretty photos I took of Megan!

Oh yeah!! I finally took my student card photo today (Megan calls me "Queen Loaft") and it's finally hitting me that...

Christina Solovjova said...

As always like your photos!
Wish you luck in the university <3

Christina Klein

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks so much, Christina! x

f said...

Which uni did you roll in?


Cindy Adores said...

York University!