WOW!!! Summer flew by so quick like I thought it would but I didn't think it would be as memorable as it was! My summer consisted of more work shifts, more friends, more laughs, more sleepovers, more hugs, more tea, more books, more twerking, more concerts, more board games, more pizza, more tans, more money, more food, more clothes, more photos and MORE MEMORIES!

I want to thank all the people who spent their time with me under the sun these past two months and made the transition into University less scary than it is by reminding me not to think of everything that could go wrong but all the things that could go right ...and to make these summer days last! I'm SO EXCITED for this new chapter in my life where I'll finally be pursuing what I love! I can't wait to look back on all the memories I'm about to capture on this blog in five years!

Oh summer, you were so good to me. So good.