My cousin Linda texted me the night before to ask me to be the photographer for my little cousin's 7th birthday party yesterday afternoon! It's time to admit why my blogging style has been a little differently lately. I can even see that my blog posts have become shorter since school started. Some think that it's because I'm starting University and I don't have time... but it's actually because I'm learning how to edit my photos!

I think one of the questions I often get is, "Why do you like taking pictures so much?" To be honest, I didn't really know why I do??? I mean, I have a blog but my blog never really told me that I had to take pictures to express my life either?! After yesterday's party, I think I finally found out the reason why I enjoy taking pictures. I get to be there and capture all the special moments.

I finally don't feel strange for enjoying to take pictures now that I'm looking at the bigger picture. I have basically created a blog that has a handful of pictures that will be there for me to look back on and smile about!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Ethan!!! 
I hope you got everything you wished for this year and...