My cousin Linda texted me this morning to ask me to be the photographer for my little cousin's birthday today and like c'mon let's be real now...

I was gonna take pictures regardless!!! Hehehe

This year, Eli had a joined birthday party with his cousin, Alexis at Woodbine centre!

 I have to admit, the party actually felt like a blur today because time just flew by so quick!

These painted faces reminds me of the make up video I made with my brother last year because today he asked me if I wanted to make a part two to it! He says he knows the difference between mascara and eyeliner now... UMMMMMM...

Eli's birthday theme last year was Elmo and I had no idea what this year was until I saw...

Jenny's Iron Man nails! 

She's the same person who did these and these and I suggest following her on Instagram to see more!!! :-)

Baby Eli did not look happy at his birthday at all! I'm sure he had no idea what was going! Hahaha

Yup... Eli still had no idea what was going on! Hahaha

I think this picture pretty much explains why I like taking pictures of kids blowing out their candles...

So cute!!! HAHAHA

Yup... baby Eli was still not having a great time until...

the cake cutting begun!

During the whole party, I was basically waiting for the gift opening part!!! This year, my sister, brother and I decided to go BIG AND GOT HIM A....

All the kids were going crazy and hitting the box! Hahaha

I hope you had a wonderful 3rd birthday Eli (even though you had no idea it was all for you!)! Hahaha

Thanks for asking me to be the photographer Linda and Charlie, I always have such a great time taking photos of your cute kids!!! If you want to read more, check out Eli's 2nd birthday celebration!

The day couldn't have ended better than with cookie dough dipping dots!

Time to do a bit of scrapbooking before bed!
Until next time!