Yesterday my friends and I met up for our weekly lunch break and "studied" for our exams at 2:30! We saw each other after we were done writing to make our way to celebrate Jasmine's birthday @ Spring Sushi! After running for busses, Madelle, Angelica and I were actually so happy that we made it just on time for the first round of sushi!! HAHA

I can't believe I've never ate here before, since I've heard so many people talk about how cool it was to order from an iPad! We stuffed our bellies, shared silly stories, laughed a whole lot and we also had to instagram the moment! It sucks that our friend Camille was unable to make it but we definitely didn't forget her last night!

Besides coming out for Jasmine's birthday, we were also celebrating the last week we have left until Winter Break and the fact that we had actually survived first semester of University!!! After our last round of food, it was time to sing happy birthday to the Candy Crush lover!!!

(For more party photos, check out my friend Kim's blog!)

We walked around the city afterwards and admired the decorations they had put up for the holidays! I'm actually so excited for all the things I'll be doing this break, the people I'll be seeing and most of all, the moments I'll be blogging about!!!

Thanks for such a memorable night girlies and may your year be filled with lots of happiness, love and success Jasmine!!! ♡