Every week my sister, Susie and her boyfriend, Ryan have "date night" and tonight they actually invited me to join them! I want to stress the fact that they invited me and I didn't intrude OK!!!! Hahaha

They were planning to visit the One of a Kind Christmas Show that takes place annually at the Exhibition Place! We all have never been before and as a matter of fact, I've never heard of it until they invited me today! We had an idea that it was going to be a consumer market and actually had high expectations that we would be able to finish most of our Christmas shopping here! Who knew that it was basically a large craft show??? 

When we first started browsing around, it actually felt pretty overwhelming trying to visit each booth! We spent about an hour browsing half of the place and the common things we saw were beeswax products, knitted accessories, baby clothes and silver necklaces! There was a lot of great stuff but at the same time, we couldn't justify the price for them.

We had eventually made our way to the food section and just on time too ...because Riri looked like he was getting bored at looking at all these handmade crafts! I have no idea what this section was called but all I know was that every booth was handing out food samples! It literally felt like we were walking through the aisles of Costco! Heaven!!!

After munching on lots of candy brittle and jam crackers, we knew that it was time to leave for dinner! Overall, I thought it was a neat show with lots of great craftsmanship that was worth checking out!

Although we were unable to do any Christmas shopping here, Ryan still managed to find something to buy in the food section! Hahaha

We were so indecisive on where to go for dinner but in the end, we chose one of my sister's fave sushi places and I really liked the service! We spent the time discussing whether or not I would be a great aunt to their baby girl or not!?!?! LIKE YO, I'M GOING TO BE AN AWESOME AUNT!! I would spoil her like crazy and braid her hair and take selfies and squeeze her super hard and dress her up and I'll even change her stanky diapers!! I seriously can't wait for the day they start popping one out!!! 

The night ended perfectly with Ryan farting in Susie's compact car, insulting each other (Can't believe my sister said the moon is almost as yellow as my teeth!!! Cryingggg.) and lots of (ugly) laughs!

Nonetheless, it's never a dull moment with them!