After my last exam and after Madelle got her haircut today, Jaey, Madelle and I all met up for lunch!  It has been on my check list to visit Banh Mi Boys because like c'mon...

I'm Vietnamese and I like my subs so I had to see what the hype was all about and Jaey was actually our tour guide for the day!

While I was waiting in line right, someone called my name... I turned to my left and it was my Charlie!!! (He's the daddy to my cute lil' cousins!) I couldn't believe it because he doesn't live close to downtown and what are the chances that we would bump into each other in this line up?!? I can't wait for the annual Christmas dinner at his house this weekend!

Before we ate, we had to take a billion pix and it's actually great being friends with other photographers because you don't feel like the bizarre one for snapping so many photos before eating!

Jaey recommended one of her favourites to me and I think you'll love the Kalbi beef if you're a kimchi lover! I'm so glad we split the kimchi fries among the three of us because it was filling! Now that I know where it's located, I can't wait to come back and try all the other flavours!!!

While we ate, she also mentioned how I would love the Distillery District! I actually love when people want to show me the places that they think I will love because I don't think there's ever a time when they're wrong about that assumption! And so....

She took Madelle and I to visit Distillery District for the first time! We were so excited and gawked at everything.

I mean, it's just Old Toronto but I literally felt like I was not in our city anymore. I fantasized about leaving Toronto before and moving elsewhere to live... but I realized that I haven't even seen what our city has to offer yet!

I am so easily captivated by things and if it wasn't so cold, I think I could've spend hours just wandering around here!!

I'm really happy I got to spend time with Jaey and Madelle today!! They're the first two people I met at frosh that I've stayed in touched with ...since I'm actually in a different program from them!

After today, I feel so much more comfortable around them ..and maybe too comfy!!! We've known each other for 3 months but we always get asked if we've known each other before Uni...

 because it looks more like 3 years!!