Our original plan for yesterday didn't go as planned but that's okay! All that matters is that most of us got together (Jessie was unable to make it, boo!) to see our friend David, who was visiting from London!!! I actually can't believe he visited us because a part of me seriously thought last time was going to be the last time we were seeing him! 

Maddy managed to get the car and picked Jere and I up to go to Loblaws to buy lunch! We were gathering pizza ingredients and as soon as we walked by the frozen food section, we saw that there was a sale happening for frozen pizza!! With that being said, we literally dropped our basket of ingredients beside the freezer and paid for a box of rip and dip pizza instead! We spent the afternoon at Maddy's place eating pizza, playing our fave Just Dance game and bumming around on her couch with our legs on top of each other. I realized there wasn't much to catch up on

...considering that we still talk to each other as a group on Facebook daily!!!
Unknown said...

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