As I've mentioned in the previous post, the snow storm has caused a power outage across Toronto on Sunday morning! At first I thought it wasn't a big deal because there was an outage in the summer and I already knew how to occupy myself (read books, order pizza, bother my sister...)!

I eventually realized that we actually needed power to keep warm in the winter! AhhH! The temperature in the house dropped significantly and everyone in my family was bundled up in layers and blankets! We were hoping that the power would come back on Monday morning but nope...

Everyone in my family had left for their daily routines the next day and I was left home alone with a stack of books to keep me company (and to distract myself from how cold it was) for the day! Many people texted me to see how I was coping and long story short, my cousin Linda drove to my house and told me to pack my bags and stay at her place until I get power back!!!

I was so excited because it's always a great time at her house with her family!

My cousin Jenny also came over to visit Ethan and Eli on Monday night to give them their Christmas gifts! You know...

the cousin that always has cute manicures!!

I wonder who's the bigger kid among the three?! HAHAHA

That's Ethan's expression after Linda told him to not open that box because she found the exact game box that I got for Eli last year! I actually forgot that I got them that too!! Haha

Before they went to brush their teeth (and stole my socks!!), the boys and I watched Elf and I read them a bedtime story! I was so happy when Linda told me that Ethan is obsessed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book set that I got for his birthday this year. She had ended up buying him the whole series and matching PJs too!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! Before bed, Eli wouldn't stop calling me Pepper (Ironman's girlfriend) and he would run around, kiss me on the cheek and run around again! He kept repeating this until Linda tucked him in! Cutest thing ever!!! Hahaha

The next day (or yesterday!), my sister texted me at 3 am that the power was back on at our place! I was so excited to go back to my cozy bed after Linda's Christmas Eve party last night!

I want to give a big thanks to my cousin Linda for taking me in!!!

Now it's finally time for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas! 
May your holidays be filled with joy!