The power outage that happened this past weekend has made me fall behind on my updates! Ahhhhh!! With that being said, let's have a quick recap of my Saturday afternoon with my friend, Madelle! Since there was a snow storm approaching, we were unable to make it to Kim's debut! Ughhh. 

We decided to spend the rainy afternoon exploring Madelle's neighbourhood instead! I love how you can learn so much about someone just by seeing where they live. She showed me the elementary school she went to, the inside of her church, the places she frequently ate at and we accidentally bumped into her high school homies as well! We also visited many small shops and there was one in particular that she wanted to show me, the Me to We store. While we were in there, we were offered free hot chocolate and y'know, we couldn't turn down an offer like that!!

While we drank and warmed up, we started having conversations with the hot chocolate maker and found out that she actually goes to the same Uni as us and not only that -- she was one of our Frosh bosses!!! Small world for real! I love how everything is so convenient and close proximity for her since she lives downtown and not only that,

...the city lights from her bedroom window is beautiful!!!