Four years ago, I was hovering over the glass case at the Juicy Couture store. My mom saw me admiring their charms, which gave her the idea to get me a starter charm bracelet for Christmas that year! I remember how it sat under the tree and I would open and close the box over and over again because I couldn't hold in my excitement!!! My mom told me that I could start wearing it instead of waiting until Christmas was over ...but I just couldn't! I didn't want to scratch the heart charm that came with it because I thought it was going to be my one and only charm!

When we finally opened our presents, I already knew what I was getting from my mom but I had no idea what I was getting from my sister - my first charm!!!! She saw how excited I was and from then on, she decided that every year she will get me a new charm (that represents me!) for my birthday! So in the last four years, I received a cupcake (for my love for baking), a running shoe (for my love for jogging), a fish (for my love for my fish that died after one month) and this year...

I cannot get over the little details, like how the wheels and pedals can turn! Too cute!!!